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Is your car’s air conditioner on the fritz? Driving in Southern California without air conditioning can be unbearable at times. Open windows simply do not equal a fully functional air conditioning system for your vehicle, which can be completely debilitating during the hottest months of the year. Avoid this scenario altogether! As soon as you detect a problem with your air conditioning, contact the experts at Inland Alternators.

Serving Riverside County and the Inland Empire, Inland Alternators offers a full range of air conditioning repair and maintenance services. We have made air conditioning one of our specialties, and have built up our team of experts in this area of car repairs. As a result, we’ve earned a great reputation for our AC related services. Here are some of our most commonly requested AC services:

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Importance of Air Conditiong Repair

Regular Inspection

Don’t allow a faulty air conditioning system to surprise you by breaking down when you need it most! Through regular inspections and maintenance, you can make sure that your air conditioning works as efficiently as possible and also catch leaks of refrigerant early on. Remember, refrigerant damages the environment and also the workings of your car. When refrigerant spills, it can get into your evaporator and compressor, causing greater damage. If you catch the leak early, it’s easier and cheaper to fix. We also make use of our sophisticated equipment to test system fans, your compressor, Freon levels, and more. We have extensive experience with air conditioning inspections and are always thorough.

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Diagnostics and Repairs

Have you noticed that your air conditioning isn’t working quite right? From complete failures to rattling noises, uneven cooling and more, our expert teams can quickly diagnose and repair your air conditioning so that it cools properly again. Using the latest equipment in the industry, our staff carefully checks your system for temperature, Freon levels, faulty switches, issues with wires, compressor, fuses, condenser and seal problems. We carry a wide range of the best quality air conditioning replacement parts. That way we can complete repairs as quickly as possible.

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Sometimes, leakage of refrigerant can occur, meaning that you’ll need a repair and recharge. We use special dye to identify leaks accurately so that we can seal them up. Then, we recharge your Freon so that your air conditioning works again. Our highly trained experts are experienced with recharges and will be able to take care of this quickly and effectively. Once we’re done, you’ll enjoy cooler temperatures in your vehicle once again.

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Do your air vents smell less than ideal? If you have foul odors coming out of your air vents, you likely have a bacteria situation in your car’s air conditioning system. Allow us to use our modern tools and techniques to clean your air vents. Your car will not only smell better, but the air quality will be much improved, meaning you’ll be less likely to get sick.

For Riverside County and the Inland Empire residents, the refreshing icy blast from your air conditioning is part of survival. Without it, you suffer in the hot Southern California weather, sweating all the way to and from work, or wherever life takes you. Make sure your air conditioning is always working by calling Inland Alternators as soon as you notice a hitch in your cooling system. We also recommend you bring in your vehicle for yearly servicing so that you’re never surprised by an inopportune breakdown.

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Why Choose Inland Alternators for Air Conditioning Repair Services?

At Inland Alternators, we specialize in air conditioning repair. We know how air conditioning systems work inside and out and we’ve invested time and money in keeping our equipment and techniques for air conditioning repair up to date. Our teams are all experts in air conditioning repair and are hand-selected to ensure they are capable of performing to our high standards. When you choose Inland Alternators to take care of your air conditioning repairs, you get the best in quality repairs that last.

Throughout our 25 years of service in Riverside County and the greater Inland Empire area, we’ve seen all kinds of air conditioning problems from mold and mildew to loose hoses, broken fans, Freon leaks, fuse issues, compressor failure, and more. You can rest assured our capable staff will pinpoint the problem quickly and efficiently. Experience and specialization are keys for success in this area of car repairs. Unlike some shops, we specialize in a few areas that we are experts in, rather than being mediocre in a variety of repairs.

Once we’ve diagnosed the issue, we’ll be in touch with the details and offer you an estimate for the work to be done. As soon as you approve, we complete the repair, often with replacement parts we keep on site for your convenience. This helps ensure that repairs are completed in a timely manner. Finally, we turn your car back over to you, with a fully functioning air conditioning system that will continue to serve you for years to come.

As a local company, Inland Alternators is committed to serving neighbors and friends with the highest level of customer service possible. Not only do we employ highly trained and skilled staff so that your air conditioning repair is second to none, but we also pride our staff in their dedication to service. Our friendly staff take the time to explain the problem with your air conditioning and our suggested solution. We also know that you are busy, so we make every effort to complete our work quickly so that you can have access to your car again.

Don’t suffer in your vehicle without air conditioning ever again! Call the teams at Inland Alternators and we’ll be glad to help you. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your questions about our services and guide you through our process. Once you have your appointment made, you can relax knowing that your car’s air conditioning will soon be fully functional again. We look forward to serving you soon!

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rich a image5star icon Rich A. Riverside, CA 4/14/2016

These guys are honest and hard working folks. Had my alternator replaced with no issues and when my a/xc went out I came right back. Fixed it within a day and the a/c runs cold! Both repairs were reasonably priced. Half the cost a dealer would charge and you know it’s done right. Recommend this place to my friends and family all the time and to anyone who needs a starter, alternator, or a/c repair.

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