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Alternators and generators are essential for the reliable distribution of power in the engine-related electrical systems of all kinds of vehicles. When shopping for these vital parts, you must have access to items that meet your vehicle’s unique specifications. In addition, you must be certain that these items will meet your own personal standards for reliability and cost-effectiveness.

In Riverside and all of the Inland Empire, your home for alternator/generator excellence is Inland Alternators. Throughout more than 25 years of continuous operation, we’ve successfully met the needs of everyone from car collectors and DIY repair enthusiasts to the most demanding professional mechanics. When you positively must locate the right part at the right price, we’re there with the very best in OEM and remanufactured products. We have options for most vehicle types, makes and models, and in most cases you can take advantage of immediate availability and same-day pickup.

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Importance of Alternators & Generators

When you first start your vehicle, you rely on the power supplied by the battery. However, your battery could never supply enough ongoing power to keep your vehicle going. That job belongs to the alternator (sometimes also known as the generator). This part plays an essential role by taking the mechanical energy created by another essential component, called the starter, and converting that energy into useable electricity.

This electricity performs three major tasks. First, it recharges the battery and helps guarantee that your vehicle’s electrical system will start properly in the future. Electricity produced by the alternator/generator also supplies your vehicle with sufficient power to keep going until you decide to shut off the ignition. In addition, it serves as the power source for the broad range of electrical accessories installed in the typical vehicle.

Alternators didn’t exist before the 1960s. Prior to that time, vehicles produced electrical power with another type of component called a DC dynamo generator. Any alternator manufactured in the last half century is lighter, more durable and less expensive to produce than an old-fashioned DC generator. However, some people still use the two terms interchangeably, and you’ll often find modern alternators described as alternator/generators.

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Choosing Between OEM and Remanufactured Alternators and Generators

So, what’s the difference between an OEM part and a remanufactured part? OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. Some parts in this category are made by the same company that brands your vehicle (e.g., Ford, Honda or Freightliner). However, no vehicle manufacturers make all their own components. Instead, they work with third-party suppliers who possess expertise in specific areas of vehicle production. Using specifications provided by the brand manufacturer, these outside suppliers create components that go on your vehicle in the factory.

A new OEM replacement part meets the same rigorous specifications as its factory-installed equivalent part. This means that use of an OEM part will restore your vehicle to health without altering its operating characteristics in any way. You can purchase items in this category from the manufacturer of your vehicle or an unaffiliated parts provider.

A remanufactured part is technically not new. Instead, the term applies to a previously used part that has gone through two critical steps: the replacement of any internal components that could potentially sustain significant wear damage, and an inspection process that guarantees the part meets all other factory specifications. The remanufacturing process goes well beyond simple rebuilding, which only requires the replacement of internal components (sometimes with other used components) that actually show obvious signs of wear or other damage.

There are advantages to using both OEM and remanufactured alternators and generators. At Inland Alternators, we can explain these advantages in detail and help you decide which option will work best for you. Once you make a decision, we’ll help you locate the exact part required to meet your vehicle’s specifications.

Alternators and Generators for Automobiles

Virtually all automobiles made after the mid-1960s rely on an alternator instead of a DC dynamo generator. However, if you’re performing repairs on a classic vehicle from an earlier era, you’ll need to find a suitable DC generator replacement. Inland Alternators carries a comprehensive line of modern alternators/generators, as well as true generators that operate on DC-based principles. The list of manufacturers available to you in these categories include:

  • AC Delco
  • Beck/Arnley
  • Auto 7
  • Denso
  • Genuine
  • Hitachi
  • Mando
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • MPA
  • Motorcraft
  • Mr. Gasket
  • Original Equipment
  • Powermaster
  • Pure Energy
  • TYC
  • Valeo
  • Vista-Pro
  • Volkswagen
  • WAI Global
  • WSO
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Alternators for Industrial and Commercial Vehicles

Broadly speaking, the industrial vehicle category includes any type of vehicle used to support industrial activities such as construction or manufacturing. In contrast, the commercial vehicle category includes any type of medium- or heavy-duty vehicle used to conduct business or commerce. Common examples here include buses and over-the-road tractor trailers.

With respect to their operating principles, the alternators and generators that power industrial and commercial vehicles don’t differ significantly from the equivalent components found in smaller passenger vehicles. However, since they must meet a heavier demand for electricity, products designed for use in these workhorse vehicles come with vastly different specifications. At Inland Alternators, our inventory includes alternators and generators from some of the industry’s most respected industrial and commercial manufacturers, including:

  • Delco Remy
  • Pure Energy
  • USA Industries
  • Valeo
  • WAI Global

We can help you meet any required specification and keep your vehicle up and running for daily use.

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Alternators and Generators for Marine Vehicles

Alternators and generators intended for use in a marine environment have one crucial design specification. Namely, under no circumstances can they produce a spark in the relatively tight and isolated environment of the engine compartment. To meet this specification and help keep marine craft free from fires and explosions, manufacturers in this segment of the industry create products called ignition-protected alternators and generators. At Inland, we feature ignition-protected products from WAI Global and other top-quality manufacturers. We make it easy to keep your marine vehicle running while eliminating any associated fire or explosion risks.

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Alternators and Generators for RVs and Motorhomes

When working on a small recreational vehicle or motorhome, you may be able to use the same kinds of alternators/generators found in larger automobiles. However, to complete work on a Class A or Class C motorhome or RV, you’ll likely need to track down parts specifically designed for use in these heavier vehicles. Inland Alternators carries suitable high-quality products from Bosch and other industry favorites.

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Your Trusted Alternator/Generator Resource

For more than two decades, Inland Alternators has served the Inland Empire as the preferred outlet for reliable, affordable alternators and generators. With plentiful OEM and remanufactured options and a wealth of in-house expertise, we take the fuss out of finding exactly what you need to complete your work on schedule and under budget. Call today for assistance and a convenient price quote on your desired item(s).

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These guys are honest and hard working folks. Had my alternator replaced with no issues and when my a/xc went out I came right back. Fixed it within a day and the a/c runs cold! Both repairs were reasonably priced. Half the cost a dealer would charge and you know it’s done right. Recommend this place to my friends and family all the time and to anyone who needs a starter, alternator, or a/c repair.

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