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Inland Alternators proudly serves a large area of Southern California including the Inland Empire and Riverside County. Both the Inland Empire, also known as the 909, and Riverside County are heavily populated regions. Famous cities like Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Riverside, San Bernardino and others that even connect with LA, all makeup part of our service area.

At Inland Alternators, we offer a variety of services to residents in the area. Located in Riverside City, the heart of Riverside County and the Inland Empire, Inland Alternators can help you keep your classic or modern car running in perfect condition with our specialty services including:


Get a new starter from Inland Alternators or make use of our excellent starter repair services. Without your starter, getting your car to move is impossible. Cars use an electrical current from the starter which gets the starter motor going. This motor in turn moves the whole engine.

Any number of problems can affect your starter, resulting in a sluggish or non-existent startup. You may find yourself stuck at home or stranded when your starter gives out completely. Some problems may be electrical, while others are related to the battery. Other starter issues can be solved as easily as cleaning the starter mounting surface!

When you’re experiencing trouble with your starter, you may be hesitant to carry out your daily activities because you’re concerned about the possibility of getting stranded. As soon as you notice trouble with your starter, contact Inland Alternators, the local Riverside County and Inland Empire leading experts in starters. We can help you find a brand new starter and perform an installation, or repair your existing one. Trust our skilled professional teams to offer you an accurate diagnosis and solution. We’ll have you back on the road with confidence in no time.

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Alternators & Generators

Need to replace an alternator or generator? All modern vehicles use alternators to charge your car’s battery and power the electrical system while the car is running, although generators were used prior to 1960. We have access to the best of both alternators and generators, making Inland Alternators the first choice for both modern and classic vehicle owners.

Riverside County and the Inland Empire is home to many car collectors. Classic car generators can be hard to locate, but we keep the best in stock for you whenever you require them. Our staff are familiar with these specialty car parts and can help identify which part you need. Then, we’ll install it for you so that your classic car can once again enjoy traveling the open road.

Alternators are preferred to generators because they are less costly, lighter and more durable. For this reason, car manufacturers quickly made the switch to using alternators upon the arrival of cheap silicon diode rectifiers. Choose from a selection of the best new alternators at Inland Alternators. We’ll help you choose the right model for your vehicle and install it for you.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is not optional in Riverside County and the Inland Empire. This area of southern California is known for its heat. That’s why when your air conditioning acts up, you want to get it fixed, and fast.

At Inland Alternators, we offer unparalleled excellence in AC repairs. We make sure that our repairs are long-lasting so that you can count on your AC to cool you off even on the hottest days. In addition to excellence in repairs from our experienced staff, we also always stock our shop with only the best replacement parts.

Don’t suffer in the heat. After leaving your car outdoors in the midday sun, it can easily become an oven in minutes! With a well functioning air conditioning system, you won’t be subjected to uncomfortable temperatures and sweating or resorting to wind-blown hair. When you need help with your airconditioning, count on Inland Alternators for excellence in service.

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Why Choose Inland Alternators?

We’re local to Riverside County and are a proud Inland Empire business, which means we care about our community. We’ve been serving our neighbors and friends in the area for over 25 years, building up our excellent reputation that we intend to maintain. Here are just a few of many reasons you should choose to work with us:

  • Expertise We’ve chosen to specialize in starters, alternators & generators and air conditioning. We are experts in these areas of car parts and service. Allow our talented teams to help source you the special part you’re looking for or provide you with repairs. You won’t be disappointed! While some shops are generalized and claim they can fix anything, we have chosen to specialize so that we can offer the best possible services in specific areas. Don’t settle for mediocre parts and repairs of your starter, alternator or AC. Come to Inland Alternators.
  • Customer Service As a local company, we still have that neighborly feeling because we care about each and every one of our customers. We are committed to maintaining our excellent reputation and meeting your every expectation. You can count on us to finish work on schedule so that when you come to pick up your car or the part you’ve ordered, it’s ready. In addition, our friendly staff are always available to answer your questions and take the time to talk you through the work that will be done on your car.
  • Our Guarantee We are confident in our parts and services. We’re sure that what we provide to you will meet your every expectation. When you work with Inland Alternators, you can drive with confidence knowing that your car and all of its parts will work properly.

Your Local Automotive Expert

In Riverside County and the wider Inland Empire area, whenever you need help with your car’s starter, alternator, generator or AC, count on the friendly staff at Inland Alternators to help. Our years of experience and commitment to quality results and quality service always show through.

Give our friendly staff a call today to discuss your needs. We look forward to serving you!

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Whether your car is in need of Alternator, Starter, Generator, or AC Repair in Riverside, or the Inland Empire, you have found the right place. We have been in business for 30 years and we provide the best quality at affordable prices.

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rich a image5star icon Rich A. Riverside, CA 4/14/2016

These guys are honest and hard working folks. Had my alternator replaced with no issues and when my a/xc went out I came right back. Fixed it within a day and the a/c runs cold! Both repairs were reasonably priced. Half the cost a dealer would charge and you know it’s done right. Recommend this place to my friends and family all the time and to anyone who needs a starter, alternator, or a/c repair.

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