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A functioning electrical system is absolutely vital to the day-to-day function of any road-going or off-road vehicle. When problems strike this system, you can quickly experience a significant drop-off in performance and reliability. And, in a worst-case scenario, your vehicle may cease functioning altogether.

Call on Inland Alternators when minor or major issues hit the electrical system in your automobile, commercial or industrial vehicle, RV/motorhome or marine vehicle. For decades, we’ve served as the Inland Empire’s trusted source for repair excellence. Whether you use your vehicle for personal or business reasons, we possess the skills and experience needed to find just the right solution for your electrical issues. And an emphasis on affordability means that quality and value always go hand in hand.

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Vehicle Electrical System Basics

Vehicle electrical systems have three primary parts: the battery, the starter motor and the alternator/generator. The battery provides the power needed to get things going. When you first start your vehicle, a low-voltage current of electricity passes from this component to the starter motor.

Inside the starter, several rapid-fire actions occur. First, a relay switch sends power to a secondary component called a solenoid. In turn, the solenoid takes the electrical energy pulled from the battery and turns it into a mechanical force. This force causes another starter component, called the pinion gear, to push outward and make a connection the engine flywheel. In turn, the interaction of the pinion gear and the flywheel makes the engine “turn over” and start. The starter then disengages.

In the alternator/generator, the mechanical energy created in the starter is converted back to electrical energy. This converted electrical power has three main functions. First, it keeps your vehicle running until you choose to turn it off. Electricity from the alternator also provides the juice needed to run all your vehicle’s electrical accessories. In addition, the alternator provides the power needed to recharge the battery and ensure that the whole system runs the next time you turn the key in the ignition.

Problems in Automobiles

You may encounter a variety of problems that point to some sort of malfunction in the electrical system of your car, passenger truck or SUV. For example, you may have a starter malfunction if you experience things such as:

  • A lack of any response when you turn the key in the ignition
  • Activity in the starter motor, but no follow-up starting of the engine
  • Grinding, whining or clicking sounds when you try to start your vehicle, and
  • The smell of smoke or obvious signs of smoke when you try to start your vehicle

Common symptoms of serious alternator/generator problems include:

  • A recurring need to get your vehicle running by jumpstarting the battery
  • Vehicle lights that flicker or seem dimmer than normal, and
  • The appearance of a check-battery warning on your dashboard

At Inland Alternators, we’re experts at dealing with the issues that cause malfunctions in your foreign or domestic automobile’s electrical system. Regardless of the make and model of starter or alternator you have installed, we rely on nearly three decades of experience to find just the solution required to get your vehicle back on the road. Our area of specialty also includes the generators commonly found on automobiles made before the 1960s. In addition, our troubleshooting procedures will reveal problems in your battery and all other crucial system components.

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Problems in Industrial and Commercial Vehicles

While dissimilar from each other in several important ways, industrial and commercial vehicles both fall into the larger category of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Like the electrical systems in automobiles, the systems in these much larger vehicles have three main components: the battery, starter motor and alternator. However, the specific components used in over-the-road tractor trucks, haulers, cement trucks, buses and other members of this category differ significantly from those used in cars, passenger trucks and SUVs. In addition, the typical heavy-duty electrical system has secondary components not found in automobiles at all. Anyone hoping to correct electrical problems in a commercial or industrial vehicle must fully understand these crucial differences.

Inland Alternators is your source for electrical system repairs targeted at the unique components found in industrial and commercial vehicles. Our comprehensive expertise includes all starters, alternators and generators found in medium and heavy-duty systems, no matter their original manufacturer. In each case, we focus our efforts on cost-effective, timely solutions customized for your particular vehicle and the problem you’re experiencing.

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Problems in Marine Vehicles

Like the electrical systems in land-based vehicles, the systems that provide power for marine vehicles are based around a battery, starter and alternator. However, the starters and alternators installed in various kinds of boats share a unique requirement. In order to avoid sparking a fire or explosion inside the engine compartment, they must not emit even the smallest spark during their operation. In addition to these ignition-protected products, a marine electrical system must feature well-shielded wiring specifically designed for a boat environment. Generally speaking, the symptoms of electrical malfunctions found in a marine system mimic those found in the systems that power land-based vehicles.

At Inland, we fully understand the distinctive requirements of marine vehicle electrical systems. During every phase of the starter and alternator repair process, we pay special attention to the need to maintain a spark-free environment in your boat’s engine compartment. We also perform all engine wiring repairs with products intended for this purpose, and follow accepted best practices while restoring your marine vehicle to reliable operating condition.

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Problems in RVs and Motorhomes

Recreational vehicles and motorhomes rely on the same core electrical system components found in other types of vehicles. In addition, the symptoms of engine-related electrical issues in these travel-oriented vehicles are the same as those found in other vehicles. However, this doesn’t mean that just anyone can diagnose and correct these problems. In fact, it takes someone familiar with every detail of RV and motorhome systems to perform a top-notch job that reliably addresses all issues and leaves your vehicle in roadworthy condition.

Inland Alternator’s staff of specialists have an extensive history of troubleshooting and repairing the engine-related electrical systems in RVs and motorhomes. Over the years, we’ve seen virtually any problem you can think of, and we know exactly to how correct issues in all available starters and alternators. When you come to us, you’ll always receive assistance targeted precisely at the system in your particular type and brand of vehicle.

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Your Electrical System Repair Headquarters

Inland Alternators is your one-stop headquarters for vehicle electrical system repairs. Every day, we seek to surpass your expectations, and we measure our success in your satisfaction. Whether you’re dealing with minor problems or major issues that render your vehicle unusable, you’ll find us ready with an appropriate solution. Contact us today to arrange your service appointment.

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