Whether you’re a mechanic or a Do It Yourselfer, we have the parts you need.

Whether you earn your living as a mechanic or just like to work on vehicles in your spare time, parts are the lifeblood of your activities. Unless you can find suitable items for the type, make and model of your vehicle, you simply won’t be able to complete your work in a timely manner. And if you can’t depend on the quality of the parts you purchase, you could easily end up wasting a considerable amount of your limited finances.

In the Inland Empire, Inland Alternators is your trusted source for high-quality OEM and remanufactured starters, alternators and generators. Whether you’re a professional or a weekend do-it-yourselfer, you’ll find the products you need to work on any older or late-model foreign or domestic vehicle. You’ll also find unbeatably low prices, knowledgeable and courteous customer service, and generous warranties that promote your peace of mind. Every day, we help you carry out lasting repairs that won’t break your budget.

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OEM and Remanufactured Starters

Inland Alternators also carries the region’s best selection of OEM and remanufactured starters. Like our inventory of alternators and generators, our inventory of starters accommodates the needs of the owners of domestic and foreign vehicles. It also accommodates the needs of all major vehicle types. And whether you choose an OEM or remanufactured product, you’ll always receive our dependable quality warranty.

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OEM and Remanufactured Alternators/Generators

Inland Alternators carries the Inland Empire’s most complete stock of OEM and remanufactured vehicle alternators and generators. Whether your vehicle left the factory this year or decades ago, we specialize in providing just the right products to meet your needs. Our inventory covers all domestic and foreign makes and models. It also covers the full range of vehicle types.

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OEM Parts and Remanufactured Parts – What’s the Difference?

OEM Parts

Manufacturers of new vehicles and heavy equipment don’t actually make all of the parts contained in their products. Instead, many of these parts come from third-party suppliers that specialize in the production of certain types of components. Whatever their source, these factory-installed components are known as OEM (original equipment
manufacturer) parts.

When you purchase a new OEM part, you’re essentially buying an exact duplicate of the original component installed in your vehicle or piece of heavy equipment. Some people believe that you can only obtain these components from a vehicle or equipment dealership. However, in reality, you can also purchase genuine OEM parts from retailers who have no connection to the original manufacturer.

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Remanufactured Parts

Remanufactured parts are previously used parts that get their name because they go through a rigorous process that brings them back up to their original factory specifications. This process includes swapping out all internal components susceptible to wear and tear with new replacement components. It also includes a thorough inspection that ensures that the part meets the original factory standards in all other respects. Most parts in this category qualify as OEM products.

It’s important to note that remanufactured parts differ from rebuilt parts (although you may see the terms used interchangeably). While the remanufacturing process aims to fully bring parts back up to factory specs, the rebuilding process only includes the replacement of obviously damaged or worn internal components. In addition, instead of relying solely on new internal components, rebuilders sometimes carry out replacements with other previously used parts.

Whether you prefer OEM or remanufactured starters and alternators/generators, we’ve got your needs covered at Inland Alternators. Our extensive inventory includes a full selection of parts in both categories. Whatever the make or model of your vehicle or piece of heavy equipment, we carry products that meet its specifications. What’s more, we back every OEM and remanufactured part with customer-friendly warranties.

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Products for Professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers

As a rule, professional mechanics require a reliable source for the parts needed to service a wide variety of vehicles. In fact, without this kind of dependable access, most mechanics won’t be able to guarantee the timeliness and quality of their repairs. At Inland Alternator, we understand the absolutely crucial need for specific parts when time is tight. No matter where you work in the Inland Empire, we serve as your convenient, trustworthy starter and alternator/generator outlet. From widely used parts to specialty items, we carry the components you need to get the job done on time and within your cost estimate.

Do-it-yourself automotive enthusiasts make up a significant percentage of our region’s population. While some DIYers have skills that rival the professionals, others are just starting out and attempting to perform their first vehicle repairs. Whether you’re a seasoned hand or a newbie, you can count on our friendly staffers to answer questions and assist you with the selection of your starter or alternator/generator. Our encyclopedic knowledge also covers all installation-related issues.

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Headquartered in Riverside, Inland Alternators began operation more than 25 years ago. From the very beginning, we’ve committed ourselves to providing the communities of the Inland Empire with the widest possible selection of top-notch starters, alternators and generators. We believe that, along with our deep knowledge and practical experience, this selection places us head and shoulders above other local providers. Call us today to ask about the availability of products for your specific vehicle type, make and model. In all cases, we accompany the items we sell with a quick price quote and free installation estimate.

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Whether your car is in need of Alternator, Starter, Generator, or AC Repair in Riverside, or the Inland Empire, you have found the right place. We have been in business for 30 years and we provide the best quality at affordable prices.

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rich a image5star icon Rich A. Riverside, CA 4/14/2016

These guys are honest and hard working folks. Had my alternator replaced with no issues and when my a/xc went out I came right back. Fixed it within a day and the a/c runs cold! Both repairs were reasonably priced. Half the cost a dealer would charge and you know it’s done right. Recommend this place to my friends and family all the time and to anyone who needs a starter, alternator, or a/c repair.

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