Every time you turn the ignition switch in your vehicle, the starter goes to work and allows you to turn over the engine. With such unavoidable and repetitive use, it’s not surprising that these crucial engine components may eventually develop minor or major operating problems. Whether you’re a DIY mechanic or a trained professional, when such problems crop up, you must have a reliable, affordable source for starters that fit the type, make and model of your vehicle.

No matter where you live or work in the Inland Empire, you can count on Inland Alternators as your go-to source for the finest in OEM and remanufactured starters. Our vast inventory includes products designed to fit all manner of vehicles, from vintage and modern automobiles to RVs and commercial, industrial and marine vehicles. And no one in the region does a better job at helping you find just what you need to complete your personal or professional projects. What’s more, you can arrange for same-day pickup on most of the items we carry.

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Why Are Starters Important?

Starters are a vital link in the electrical systems of all vehicles. Essentially, they act as conduits for the power flowing from the battery to the engine. This process begins when you turn the ignition switch and activate the electrical system’s ignition circuit. This circuit channels electricity from the battery to a component called the starter motor. However, the starter motor simply can’t handle an uncontrolled burst of electrical current without sustaining damage. For this reason, a second component — called a solenoid or starter relay — automatically regulates the flow of power.

Once the starter motor receives power, it converts this electrical energy into mechanical energy through a specially designed component called the pinion gear. This gear pushes outward and engages the flywheel mounted at the top of the engine, causing it to turn. Next, the turning motion of the flywheel activates the engine and your vehicle begins to run. At this point, the starter motor has done its job. When you let go of the ignition switch, the motor turns off until the next time you need to start the engine.

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Choosing Between OEM and Remanufactured Starters

There are some significant differences between an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) starter and a remanufactured starter. An OEM product serves as the functional equivalent of the product initially installed in your vehicle at the factory. This means that, in every respect, it meets the standards established by the vehicle manufacturer. You may have noticed that not all starters in this category carry the manufacturer’s brand name. That’s because no vehicle producer makes all parts in-house. Instead, they subcontract the production of many types of parts to third-party suppliers.

Because a replacement OEM starter meets the manufacturer’s original specifications, its installation will restore your vehicle’s function without changing its intended operation in daily use. This fact gives OEM parts a well-deserved reputation for reliability. Depending on your preferences, you can purchase these parts from a dealer or a third-party provider.

Unlike an OEM starter, a remanufactured starter technically qualifies as a previously used product. However, this fact should not deter you from considering purchasing this type of item. During remanufacturing, every starter component capable of wearing down or malfunctioning is replaced. In addition, the process includes a comprehensive inspection that ensures that the starter meets your vehicle manufacturer’s factory guidelines. In this way, remanufactured starters differ from rebuilt starters, which don’t undergo rigorous testing and may still contain used components.

As longstanding retailers of OEM and remanufactured starters, we understand each type of product on a very detailed level. If you have any questions about which option will work best for you, we’ll gladly offer advice and help guide your selection. In addition, we’ll use our extensive inventory to track down the exact part you need.

Starters for Automobiles

Inland Alternators is your reliable Inland Empire resource for OEM and remanufactured automobile starters. Our inventory of suppliers is extensive, and includes standout manufacturers such as:

  • AC Delco
  • Auto 7
  • Bosch
  • B&M
  • Beck/Arnley
  • Delco Remy
  • Denso
  • Eurospare
  • Genuine
  • Hitachi
  • MSD
  • Magneti Marelli
  • Mando
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Mopar
  • Motorcraft
  • Original Equipment
  • Powermaster
  • Pure Energy
  • TYC
  • USA Industries
  • Valeo
  • Volkswagen
  • WAI Global
  • WSO

Whether you drive a foreign or domestic car, passenger truck or SUV, you’ll find plentiful options to choose from. We also accommodate automobiles from every era. Classic car enthusiasts and owners of the latest models are equally well-served.

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Starters for Industrial and Commercial Vehicles

The starters in industrial vehicles such as cement trucks and heavy haulers work on the same mechanical and electrical principles as automobile starters. These principles also guide the design of the starters found in tractor trailers, buses and other commercial vehicles. However, the electrical demand of vehicles in both of these categories far outstrips the demand in the typical automobile. This means that industrial and commercial starters have their own unique load and durability requirements.

Inland Alternators’ inventory of starters includes products from preferred manufacturers such as:

  • WAI Global
  • Pure Energy, and
  • Delco Remy

Whatever the specific power requirements of your commercial or industrial vehicle, we can match you up with suitable OEM and remanufactured starter options.

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Starters for Marine Vehicles

The cramped engine compartments of marine vehicles impose a special design parameter on the makers of marine starters. During operation, these components must not produce even the tiniest spark capable of triggering a fire or — in a worst-case scenario — a full-on explosion. To prevent this from happening, marine vehicles must rely on ignition-protected products that thwart the possibility of spark creation. At Inland Alternators, our inventory includes ignition protected starters from WAI Global and several other respected industry leaders. Once installed, these products help you maintain a safe, hazard-free marine environment.

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Starters for RVs and Motorhomes

The starters used in small Class B recreational vehicles and motorhomes are sometimes identical or nearly identical to the products installed in automobiles. However, if you own or service a larger Class A or Class C vehicle, the electrical load may require the use of a heavier-duty starter option. Inland Alternators carries a selection of OEM and remanufactured options suitable for use in all classes of these popular, road-going vehicles.

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Your Trusted Vehicle Starter Resource

Since the early 1990s, Inland Alternators has established a reputation as the Inland Empire’s dependable source of top-quality, budget-friendly OEM and remanufactured starters. Each day, we back up this reputation with an expansive inventory and a knowledgeable, friendly staff ready to assist you with expert advice. For a quick price quote on the options we carry for any type of vehicle, call us today.

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