5 Signs your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Needs Repair

//5 Signs your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Needs Repair

5 Signs your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Needs Repair

If you live in Southern California, we don’t need to tell you that having an air conditioner in your car is an absolute must. If you’re sitting in five o’clock traffic without cool air blowing, you’re practically sitting in a metal box of unbearable heat! If you notice that your air conditioner isn’t what it used to be, it may be time to get it checked out. Perhaps it’s rattling when you start it, or the cool air is taking a lot longer to come out of the vents. There are things to look out for – all of which could mean a quick fix or a full replacement of the A/C unit.

Worried there is something wrong with your car’s A/C? Here are the top 5 signs your vehicle’s air conditioning needs repair:

1. Hot Air is Blowing

Is it taking an extra long time for the cool air to finally crank on? Or perhaps nothing but hot air is spewing out of your system. It’s not just your imagination, this is one of the tell-tale signs that something is definitely wrong. You may have a refrigeration leak, or possibly a worn out compressor. Try making an appointment to get it checked out before the problem worsens.

2. Strange Sounds

Do you hear strange rattling or banging around every time you turn on your air conditioner? Likely, a belt is loose or the compressor is acting up and needs to be looked at immediately. Over time the compressor gets worn down and may need to be replaced all together. Meanwhile, having something loose in your engine could be problematic as it’s much more likely to damage other parts of the car.

3. Strange Smells

Are your vents emitting a strange smell? Interestingly, strange smells may come from wire insulation that has been burned, or possibly even mold. It may not seem like a huge problem initially, but breathing in those fumes can cause some future health issues.

4. Oil Leak

Do you have an oil leak? You may not know it at first, but sometimes oil leaks are directly tied to your air conditioner. This is due to the fact that the compressor, condenser or A/C evaporator may leak compressor oil or refrigerant. Due to the leakage, eventually your car will stop producing cool air as well.

5. Water Inside The Car

When the car cools the air over a period of time, there’s water that drips out from the bottom of the car. This is normal, and a sign that the A/C is working appropriately. However, if you’re noticing mysterious water stains inside your car, this could be a sign of blockage and can lead to mold build up or worse.

If you’re hearing strange noises from your vehicle’s A/C, seeing mysterious water stains, or smell something unpleasant emitting from the vents, it’s best to make an appointment and get it checked out ASAP. Inland Alternators has been in the business for over 30 years, and regularly services air conditioner systems to reach their full potential. Call today to ask questions or to make an appointment!

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