Does Your Vehicle AC Compressor have The Black Death?

//Does Your Vehicle AC Compressor have The Black Death?

Does Your Vehicle AC Compressor have The Black Death?

The black death sounds ominous and frightening. Although in this case it only refers to your car’s AC compressor, the black death is a severe problem for your car’s AC. Just like the plague from the 14th century, it’s nearly impossible to repair your car’s AC if it contracts the black death.

However, what is the black death? How can you avoid it? What happens if your AC shows signs of it? Keep reading to learn more:

The Black Death

What is this horrible plague that is the death of automobile AC units? Basically, it’s black gunk that originates in the compressor and spreads throughout the system until it ruins everything. The cause of it is a breakdown of the refrigerant/lubricant. This material causes excessive wear on the compressor and combines with aluminum shavings, creating a royal mess. The gunk then moves on to the condenser where it hardens, making it practically impossible to remove.

Black death is worse in humid climates since moisture plays a role in ruining the refrigerant. Typically, the air conditioning unit should be completely closed and sealed. However, leaks and poor practices of some mechanics can mean that moisture makes its way into the unit, leading to black death.

Treating the Black Death

Are there any solutions to an AC compressor suffering from the black death? Realistically, there’s not much you can do. Some mechanics attempt to clean out the system with a flush. However, because the gunky stuff that gives the black death its name gets hard in the condenser, flushing isn’t usually sufficient.

Some experts report that Ford dealerships have the solution in an expensive, robust “Rotunda” flush machine. This flush machine is supposedly better at ridding AC systems of the contamination that prevents them from functioning.

However, in the absence of this type of extreme flushing, the best solution is to replace your condenser. Your trusted mechanics at Inland Alternator can help you examine the AC unit and determine the best course of action.

Your Best Bet At Avoiding the Black Death

It’s easier to prevent your compressor from getting the black death than it is to cure it. So, if your AC is working well, you’re in luck. With a few steps, you can make sure that your system continues to function perfectly well into the future. What should you do?

Regular Checkups: You can preserve your AC system with regular check-ups to your system. In these check-ups, your mechanic will check for leaks, the levels, quality of the freon, and other details. If they discover any holes, they can repair them quickly to seal the system, which will help keep moisture from entering.

System Flushes and Vacuums: Before the black death arrives, flushing the system can help remove contaminants that made their way inside. Furthermore, vacuuming also helps remove moisture and ensure that your system is perfectly sealed. Speak with your trusty mechanic about these processes to see if they’re necessary for your AC systems’ health.

Use Quality Freon

Yes, it can be expensive. However, quality freon is free of contaminants and is less likely to cause you trouble later. Recycled freon is okay to use but beware of imported freon or freon canisters that don’t weigh in precisely.

Your Vehicle AC Compressor’s Health

It’s important to pay attention to your car’s AC and get any issues looked at as soon as possible for the best chance at finding an affordable solution. The sooner you can catch AC problems, the easier they are to solve. What should you look for?

Weak airflow

If you turn up the fan to the max level and you get no response, it could be due to many problems. There could be trouble with seals or a leak, which leaves your system open to moisture infiltration. The ventilation fan could also be in trouble.

Poor cooling

If you have the AC turned on, but the air coming out of the vents doesn’t feel sufficiently cooled, you have another type of problem. From freon leaks to a failed compressor or a failed switch, there are many possible reasons this may happen.

If you notice any other issue, be sure to call a trusted mechanic to help you.

With careful maintenance and regular servicing of your car’s AC, you can avoid the black death. Even if your AC compressor does contract it, there’s always a solution. With the help of the experienced teams at Inland Alternator, you can recuperate your car’s AC.

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