If one thing applies to all owners and drivers of personal vehicles and work vehicles, it’s the eventual need for some sort of minor or major repair. Three systems, in particular, often serve as the target of these repairs: the electrical system, the starting system and the air conditioning system. That’s because you need these vital systems to ensure basic vehicle function and comfort. When they fail to perform as expected, you can end up stuck by the side of the road or wilting in sweltering heat.

When you must obtain timely repairs that meet top standards for quality and reliability, call on the professionals at Inland Alternators. We specialize in the repair of electrical systems, starting systems and air conditioning systems in all classes of road-going vehicles. Importantly, we also specialize in the repair of these systems in all manner of heavy equipment. For more than 25 years, we’ve provided the Inland Empire’s most dependable combination of excellence and affordability.

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Electrical System Repairs

Air Conditioning Repairs

Regardless of the vehicle you rely on for personal or business use, you almost certainly count on a functional air conditioning system to supply needed comfort during hotter parts of the year. At the heart of all vehicle A/Cs is a crucial component called the compressor. It is this component that actually controls the temperature of the air inside the vehicle cabin. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the A/C compressors in automobiles, commercial/industrial trucks and other vehicles will fail sooner or later, leading to symptoms such as:

  • Obvious signs of leaking refrigerant or motor oil
  • An unusually loud air conditioner
  • Lack of adequately cool air from your vehicle A/C
  • A complete absence of cool air, and
  • Undependable A/C performance

Inland Alternators specializes in the repair of all A/C compressors installed in all kinds of personal and work vehicles. Since the compressor lies at the core of the air conditioning system, remedies that restore it to working order are often the key to resolving your cooling-related issues. By focusing our efforts in this way, we seek to maximize the value of your repair expenditures.

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Electrical System Repairs

The electrical systems in automobiles, industrial and commercial vehicles, marine vehicles and RVs and motorhomes share the same core components, including the battery, the starting system and the alternator/generator. When these components malfunction, they can lead to serious problems ranging from strange noises and dim or flickering interior lights to unreliable vehicle starting and a completely nonfunctional vehicle. While the electrical systems in various types of vehicles resemble each other, they are not the same. In fact, not all systems follow the same layouts or contain the same specific components.

When problems occur in your vehicle’s electrical system, you need to know that the technician carrying out troubleshooting and repairs understands the workings of your particular vehicle type, make and model. Without this kind of targeted assistance, you simply have no way of knowing if your vehicle will return to you in reliable, roadworthy condition. You may also end up wasting hundreds of dollars on work that provides you with no actual benefit.

Inland Alternators is your trusted source for vehicle electrical system repairs in Riverside and all of the greater Inland Empire. Since the early 1990s, we’ve spent untold hours dealing with every conceivable engine-related electrical issue. And unlike providers who only focus on a narrow segment of the driving public, we offer truly comprehensive services that cover all kinds of vehicles. Whether you own an automobile, boat or RV, or drive an industrial or commercial vehicle, we possess the specialized knowledge needed to diagnose and repair the problems keeping you out of commission.

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Starting System Repairs

No matter what kind of vehicle you own or operate, its starting system relies on components such as the ignition switch, solenoid/starter relay and starter motor to direct the battery power needed to start the engine. Problems arising in any of these components can lead to such issues as headlight malfunctions, extensive component damage, a lack of reliable engine starting and a complete loss of engine starting. These issues are common to cars, passenger trucks, SUVs, medium- and heavy-duty industrial and commercial vehicles, RVs, motorhomes and marine vehicles.

However, the ability to repair starting system problems in one category of vehicles doesn’t necessarily extend to similar problems in other categories of vehicles. Not only can the actual components vary significantly from vehicle type to vehicle type. The layouts and detailed operation of these systems can also vary greatly. This means that a technician perfectly competent in the repair of automobile starting systems may lack the expertise needed to repair problems in marine vehicles, or commercial or industrial vehicles.

At Inland, we’re also your regional expert for the repair of all manner of starting system malfunctions. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive or own, we rely on extensive training and practical experience to provide a solution targeted to your specific system components and layout. We find that this customized approach leads to superior results while also providing you with savings in time and money spent.

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Heavy Equipment Repairs

The term heavy equipment applies to a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles and machinery usually designed to complete all kinds of construction-related tasks. Like automobiles, RVs and other vehicles, these vehicles and pieces of machinery rely on essential technologies such as electrical systems, starting systems and air conditioning systems. However, the components used in heavy equipment have their own unique layouts and operating requirements. This means that many technicians capable of working on other types of vehicles have no idea how to repair similar issues in bulldozers, excavators and other members of this vast category.

At Inland, we fully comprehend the unique troubleshooting and repair procedures needed to address electrical-, starting- and A/C-related problems in heavy equipment. Our training and experience cover all types of vehicles and machinery. In all cases, we adapt our approach to match the requirements of your specific equipment type, make and model. Our aim is to minimize your downtime and repair costs while helping you maintain a productive work environment.

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Your Source for Quality Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Services

The climate of the Inland Empire frequently exposes vehicles and heavy equipment to extreme conditions. At Inland Alternators, we understand the unique regional environment and the effect it can have on electrical systems, starting systems and air conditioning systems. Every day, we put this hard-earned knowledge to work on your behalf and provide trusted solutions for both minor and major malfunctions. No other provider can surpass our track record for success and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule your repair appointment.

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These guys are honest and hard working folks. Had my alternator replaced with no issues and when my a/xc went out I came right back. Fixed it within a day and the a/c runs cold! Both repairs were reasonably priced. Half the cost a dealer would charge and you know it’s done right. Recommend this place to my friends and family all the time and to anyone who needs a starter, alternator, or a/c repair.

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